Good poker hand sample size

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How many hours of live $1/3 NLHE is enough to draw conclusions about one's skill (or lack thereof)? I estimate 10000 hands (~300 hours) may be good.

14 Mar 2019 ... I'll dive into both the number of hands and sample sizes right after today's Challenge: ... This is a pretty good number of hands to be relatively confident in your .... Lance Abi Nader purchased the Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4. Poker Winrates | What Is A Good Win Rate? - The Poker Bank The amount of money you win over a set period of time or hands is known as your "winrate" or "win rate" (I'm ... You probably have a small sample size though. What is a good sample size for B.B./100 - General Poker - CardsChat™ What's considered to be a good sample size for B.B./100. ... How many hands do I need to play before I can get an accurate estimate of what my ...

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The Number One Pitfall of Thinking Players — Just Hands Poker 6 Mar 2017 ... Don't let small sample sizes cloud your judgement! ... A lot of the time, going from good play to great play means turning a +1bb call into a +2bb ... 10 Hold'em Tips: Calculating Your Win Rate | PokerNews

Publicly available poker stats. Ask Question 16. 11. Are there any sources of poker hands, including how they play out with betting etc... I am imagining the log files of some poker site somewhere. Are there any good Poker hand history databases for free out there? Related. 7.

10 Hold'em Tips: Calculating Your Win Rate | PokerNews 10 Hold'em Tips: Calculating Your Win Rate. ... Hurts when you look at too small of a sample size; ... Don’t Get Up from a Good Poker Game. Casino News.

Your poker "win rate" is the amount of money you win over a set period of time or number of hands. It is also ... bb/100 = The number of big blinds you win per 100 hands bb/hour ... Mathematically, any win rate that isn't 0 or below is good. ... It's more likely that your math is wrong or that your sample size is not big enough.

Poker Hands | Rankings of the different poker hands in… A poker hand always consists of 5 cards. In games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha Poker, where players have access to more than 5 cards, the best 5 card combination is considered to be each player’s hand.Hands are always ranked primarily by category rather than individual card rankings. java - The simplest algorithm for poker hand evaluation -… I am thinking about poker hand (5 cards) evaluation in Java. Now I am looking for simplicity and clarity rather than performance and efficiency.I saw also a few poker evaluation libraries, which use hashing and bitwise operations, but they look rather complex. What is the "cleanest and simplest"...

While 100 hands might be more than enough to draw conclusions from the VPIP and PFR stats, it’s not nearly enough to understand WTSD, barreling frequencies, or three-bet stats. As with everything in poker, the bigger the sample size the better. Use Poker Stats as a Tool, Not a Crutch. Stats are a tool, not a crutch.

Computer Hand: Poker Hand Nickname Queen-Seven Off Suit Hand in Texas Hold'em Poker . Share Flipboard Email ... This is regarded as not being a good starting hand because your odds of winning with it are almost exactly even. ... Other stories as to why the Q-7 is called the computer hand are that the odds were run with only a small sample size ... News: Poker's Life Lessons: Sample size - Tracking software really helps you understand sample size. One of the great lessons from poker, which I think only really became widely understood when online poker emerged, is the importance of sample size. That is the necessity of having a vast amount of examples and evidence to prove your point, rather than a handful of anecdotes.