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With the release of guild banks, many bank alts have purchased them for extra space. They provide 96 slots per tab with up to 6 tabs available for purchase. So is it cheaper to have a new bank alt purchase a few tabs or just buy bags and bag slots from their personal banks? Социальная система - Гильдейские банки | Банки гильдий. Игровые персонажи, состоящие в гильдиях, теперь имеют доступ к общему для всех членов гильдии банку.Каждая вкладка в банке гильдии имеет свой список доступа, что позовляет членам гильдии производить различные действия в зависимости от их ранга. Wow Guild Bank Guide

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32 slot bags — Guild Wars 2 Forums It made a mess in the game What I mean is we have several special 20 slot bags from achievements and/or events like the Uncanny Jar or the unique Ancient Karka Shell Box or the 20 slot Fractal Equipment Boxes. We can't upgrade those and replacing them is a bit of a waste and inconvenience. bank slots | Forum

Upon creation of a guild, 6 guild bank tabs are available for purchase, for a total cost of 9350 gold. To be able to purchase the 7th guild tab, your guild will first have to reach level 5: Guild Level 5. The gold cost for the 7th tab is not yet known, but extrapolation of guild bank costs up to the 6th tabs suggests a 10.000 gold cost.

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Wow Buy Guild Bank Slots - I recently bought a 7 tab bank for a ... economy in World of Warcraft. ... of buying guild ...May 10, 2012 Guide to obtaining a 7th and 8th guild bank tab, and potential profits ... guild. I checked around on the wow forums ... of character slots to make a guild bank ...Time is Money: Owning your own guild bank. ...

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The World of Warcraft community forums have moved! ... 7th guild bank slot ... (7th slot):Requires achievement Extended Storage. *looks at guild achievements* Extended Storage: Purchase the 7th guild bank tab. /scratches head How does this work exactly? Girlscout 110 Night Elf Druid 16800 2131 posts 7th slot guild bank voucher - World of Warcraft Forums So my guild has been able to buy the 7th slot for the guild bank, and me being a goblin discovered that with price discount racial goblins get, it would cost 8k and not 10k. So being an officer and having full access to the bank, I bought it. I was allowed to buy it, but not allowed to use it. BankStack - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge BankStack is the leading cause of things moving in your bags and bank. It: sorts your inventory, bank, or guild bank; fills incomplete stacks in your bank with items from your inventory MAJOR problem, Guild Vault Voucher (7th Slot) - World of ... For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "MAJOR problem, Guild Vault Voucher (7th Slot)".